PRE-ELECTION JOURNAL 2019 – "Special Edition"

The state of readiness for a safer South Africa on the run-up to the 2019 general election.

Pre-Election Journal 2019 creates a perfect platform for law enforcement agencies, government departments, municipalities, state owned enterprises, business, labour, civil society, political parties and chapter nine institutions in South Africa to provide insights into their respective roles as a shared responsibility to ensure for a Safer 2019 general election.

The aim is to educate and provide an accurate picture of progress in South Africa’s safety and security systems required to instill confidence and eliminate any fear or doubt from a peaceful and non-violent South African 2019 elections.

The pre- election journal key focuses:

*General Election Information

*Political Tolerance


*Media and Human rights

*Safety & security clusters state of readiness

*Business contributions for a safe and secure elections.