POST-ELECTION JOURNAL 2019 - "Special Edition Coming soon..."

The state of readiness for a safer South Africa.

Post-Election Journal 2019 creates a perfect platform for law enforcement agencies, government departments, municipalities, state owned enterprises, business, labour, civil society, political parties and chapter nine institutions in South Africa to provide insights into their respective roles in the creation of a safe and secure environment for people, communities and the state as a shared responsibility.

Implementation programs for nation-building, social cohesion and transformation for economic growth are the highlights in this edition with a special emphasis on race, gender, and inequality

The post- election journal focuses on:

*Children, the Elderly and People living with disabilities.
*Unemployment and skills development
*Water and sanitation
*Education and healthcare
*Land and Human settlement 
*Crime and Safety & Security
*Business and the economy

These are some of the topics covered in the journal for South Africans to reflect-on, with the aim to contribute to the acceleration of the implementation plan of the 6th administration.