The South African Agriculture Safety and Security Journal 2019

The official publication for Safety and Security sustainability in the Agriculture sector.

Agriculture safety and security Journal 2019 creates a perfect platform for law enforcement agencies, government departments, municipalities, state owned enterprises, business, labour, civil society and the farming community in South Africa to provide insights into their respective roles as a shared responsibility to ensure safety and food security in the country.

*The journal keeps record of contributors to food security in South Africa.

*It educates and addresses the risks and hazards faced in the sector and provides an accurate picture of progress made for sustainability in Agriculture.

*The journal also seeks to promote economic growth across all sub-sectors in Agriculture

The Agriculture Safety & Security key focuses:

- Crop Farming

- Forestry – Government

- Livestock - Transport & Logistics

- Fisheries & Aquaculture - Lifestyle & Tourism

- Environment

- Personal Protective clothing and equipment

- Safety & Security Agencies